The invenue Network helps you maximise your venue’s income, safety and efficiency.

We do this by matching a venue’s needs with the right independent consultant, freelancer or team, for a day, for a year. We concentrate on event hire, advice, implementation and delivery – and we’re adding people with expertise and unlikely skills across all space-based endeavours. Let us help you increase your resilience and revenues to power your primary purposes.

Expert guidance, short-term support, long-term implementation, effective change…

  • Venue Assessment

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Event Management
  • Digital Strategy

  • F & B
  • Venue Operations

  • H & S

  • Supplier Recommendations

  • Client & Supplier Agreements

  • Start-Ups & Systems

  • All Types of Event

  • Other Commercial Opportunities

Flexibility at no charge

All invenue Network consultants and freelancers are independent contractors and will agree the scope of work directly with you. invenue do not charge the venue at all, except where a permanent position is sought or accepted. In these uncertain times for venues, flexibility like this can really pay off.

Review or renew?

Whether you want to review operations, tweak your contracts, revitalise your events sales or management, tender a service or set up a new team from scratch, invenue can help. Unsure who or what you need? Give your venue a professional and independent assessment.

We love you!

That’s why we do what we do; we care about venues and the organisations that look after them and thrive in them. We look sensitively at how best to integrate your venue’s potential with your own activities and objectives.

Slide Venue launch, relaunch, remobilise Slide Refresh your process, marketing… or clients Slide Too few enquiries… or too few conversions Slide Analysis of the market... and your place in it

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